First 3DS System Update Comes With Surprise Music Video

Even though the vast majority of the planet doesn't have its hands on the Nintendo 3DS yet, that doesn't mean there aren't system updates for it. As a matter of fact, there's one available right this minute! I know, try to tame that jealousy. While the system update includes the usual sort of system update stuff like improved wireless connectivity, it also comes with a surprise music video from OK Go. Sure, why not?

Included in the latest 3DS systems update is OK Go's rather impressive and adorable music video for their song, "White Knuckles." You know, the one shot in a single take with all the dogs doing remarkable things? If you don't know, watch it up top.

But if you can watch it up top, why bother watching it on your Nintendo 3DS? Ah, there's the rub. Seems that the video's director, Trish Sie, actually shot "White Knuckles" in 3D but due to limited 3D-friendly music video distributors, this version hasn't been seen. Enter the 3DS, which allows you to watch 3D video (and play games, natch) without the need for glasses.

Including the video as part of the update is a bit of a surprise, but I'd wager the version is relatively scaled and nowhere close to hi-def (which would balloon the download size tremendously). Interestingly, by the time the next system update comes around, the video will be removed automatically, so if you're interested, better get it while the getting's good. Until Nintendo launches their eShop, this is likely to be the only way you'll be seeing live action 3D video on the device.