'Battlefield 3' Will Feature Smaller Multiplayer Maps On Consoles

battlefield 3

"Battlefield 3" footage we've seen an abundance of, but actual details have been few and far between ever since the initial reveal in Game Informer. There's more to learn today though! Word has slipped out on some of the differences between the PC and console versions of the game. Read on for the details.

The word comes from DICE's C2E2 presentation last week, via CERFY. On the multiplayer side, it seems that maps will be scaled down in size for the console releases of the game, to account for the 24 player max match size, versus the PC version's 64 player ceiling.

This only relates to on-the-ground combat, however. The airspace in "Battlefield 3" multiplayer will still span the full size of each map as it exists in the PC release. You'll be working with a smaller area for attacking units on the ground of course, but aerial dogfights will have a larger stage to unfold on.

CERFY also mentions that the gameplay demo showed a more elaborate CQC mechanic than you would typically expect from a first-person shooter, a genre in which melee is generally relegated to a one-button strike. You will reportedly be able to punch with either hand, deliver counter-punches, even throw the enemy.

I'll add that I saw this very same demo about a month ago, prior to GDC. The sequence in question that features melee combat came off at the time as a quick-time event specific to that segment of the game. It's hard to say if CERFY's assessment of a more developed set of melee mechanics is taken just from what was seen or from something the demo presenter had to say, but the idea of there being "Chronicles of Riddick"-like hand-to-hand combat is certainly intriguing.

E3 is fast-approaching now, so more details on that and other "Battlefield 3"-related news will be arriving soon enough, especially with the fall release so close at hand.