'Duke Nukem Forever' Delayed, Arriving On June 10

duke nukem forever

The long, sometimes-hilarious/sometimes-heartbreaking saga of "Duke Nukem Forever" is finally coming to an end in a few short months with the game's highly anticipated release. Once one of VaporWare's greatest shames for many years running, the game is now being polished off by the folks at Triptych Games and Gearbox Software for its May 3 release. Only... it's not coming out on May 3 anymore. In a dramatic turn of events, "Duke Nukem Forever" has been delayed, with the release now set for June 10 in the United States and a worldwide launch following on June 14.

This is the part where you laugh hysterically. It's cool, really. The game is coming. It is not going to disappear into the mists of VaporWare once more. Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford wants you to know that, even if he is the last to find out about these things, as a humorous video confirming the news reveals. It's almost like this was planned... but... nah, couldn't be. Surely the most-delayed, almost-killed-multiple-times vodep game in the history of forever wouldn't be the subject of a wacky PR stunt like this. Would it?

Don't know, don't care. "Duke" is still coming, it's just coming a month after it was supposed to. Thankfully, May is a pretty robust month already for game releases. Bethesda Softworks is dropping Splash Damage's new online multiplayer shooter, "Brink," on May 17. That's also the same day that the latest epic from Rockstar Games arrives, the 1940s cop drama-inspired "L.A. Noire." Also, third entries in the "DIRT" and "Fear" series', along with "The Witcher 2," "Red Faction: Armageddon" and "LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean."

So seriously, it's all good. Hopefully the extra time gives the dev team a little time to re-think that problematic Capture the Babe mode.