'Bonk' And 'Bomberman' 3DS Launch Games Cancelled?

bomberman 3ds

Nintendo's new 3DS portable gaming system is out this Sunday, finally bringing the much-talked-about glasses-free 3-D gaming to one and all. Between the 18 games arriving on day one and the others that follow in the weeks after, there are going to be quite options for those looking to get the most out of their new purchase. Unfortunately, the list of upcoming releases just got a little bit shorter, as there's word coming out of Japan that the three 3DS jams that were coming from Hudson have now been cancelled.

"Omega Five," "Bonk" and "Bomberman" are all notably absent from the release list in this week's issue of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu, Andria Sang reports. Also missing on the Hudson front is the upcoming Wii game "Deca Sports 4." No reason is given for the absences, but the commonly held belief is that it stems from Konami's recent acquisition of Hudson.

Konami announced plans in January to purchase the publisher. It had previously held a majority stake in the company, but the new deal will turn Hudson into a wholly owned subsidiary. A new CEO will be installed on April 1 when the change of ownership takes place, one day after current Hudson CEO Michihiro Ishizuka resigns.

The cancelled games are presumably finished or close to it, so it stands to reason that some or all of them will eventually be released out into the world. April 1 (or soon after) seems a very likely time for further news to come, since that's the day Konami takes over. Don't abandon all hope yet-- Konami could very well come back in a week or two with a confirmed set of release dates. We'll just have to wait and see.