'Resident Evil 4' And 'Code Veronica' Getting HD Remasters In Japan

resident evil 4

If the endless array of "Resident Evil" re-releases and console ports have taught us anything, it's this: gamers like their confusing zombie stories. Miraculously, Capcom has managed to get fans excited almost every time a new port of one of the older games is announced. At least this time it's a rather easy sell, since a couple of classic "RE" titles are going HD on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The news comes from Famitsu by way of Andria Sang, which has a handful of details on what's being planned in a pair of blog posts. The title will reportedly be "Resident Evil: Revival Selection HD Remastered Version" and the release is currently only scheduled for Japan, but given the series' popularity here in the United States it is reasonable to assume that Capcom will be shooting to release it abroad as well.

The collection gathers together two games, "Resident Evil 4" and "Resident Evil - Code: Veronica Director's Cut." There are no new features planned for the games -- yet -- but "RE4" will also include the bonus Ada Wong-starring scenario "Separate Ways," which was first featured in the PlayStation 2 version of the game.

That's unfortunately all there is to say at this point. There's no mention of a release date or anything like that and the game's development progress -- normally reported in the magazine with a percentage -- is listed instead for "Revival Selection" with a question mark. Not including this latest news, "Code Veronica" has already been released on three different platforms, half of the six that "RE4" has seen. Does the HD upgrade get you pumped for a fourth and seventh, respectively?