'Batman: Arkham City' Pre-order Bonuses Confirm The Return Of Challenge Maps

batman arkham city

"Batman: Arkham Asylum" offered a nifty bonus mode with its challenge maps, offering players an opportunity to test there skills as the Caped Crusader in a range of discrete mini-missions which stood apart from the main story. Rocksteady Studios hasn't been entirely forthcoming about what "Batman: Arkham City" will offer outside of its story mode, but newly revealed info about the game's pre-order bonuses confirm that at least those challenge maps will be returning.

The update actually comes straight from the pre-order page on the official "Arkham City" website. The details provided are minimal, but the page does list the pre-order bonuses that will be available to U.S. customers of either Best Buy or GameStop: the former gets something called a "combo pack" and the latter, the "Joker's Carnival" challenge map.

Boom. Confirmation.

Unfortunately, that's all the detail there is to share at this point. The relevant GameStop and Best Buy product pages haven't even been updated with the pre-order news yet. Now that the word is officially out though, you can probably expect more details to emerge soon. Considering that "Arkham Asylum" also got a collector's edition release overflowing with extras -- including a full-size Batarang -- there are probably still more goodies that will be announced as we get close to the game's October 18 release.

The pre-order news comes only days after last week's revelation that The Riddler will play a more prominent role in the sequel. Nothing concrete has been revealed there either -- are you sensing a pattern yet? -- but the classic Batman villain will definitely be appearing as more than just a mocking voice that offers hints for the game's hidden challenges.