'Crysis 2' Guide To Not Dying A Lot

"Crysis 2" is out today and, for the first time, the franchise is coming to consoles. It's great news for shooter fans and not-having-a-three-thousand-dollar-computer fans, but if you're a newcomer to the franchise, you're probably going to be dying. A lot. Unlike most shooters, marching into the midst of a camp of bad guys in "Crysis 2" is a recipe for a reloaded checkpoint. This is really more of a thinking person's shooter, but if you're not used to to thinking, we've got you covered. Here are some starter tips to help you acclimate to the wonders of the Nanosuit 2.0.


The Nanosuit comes with a built-in scanner (activated by hitting up on the d-pad). This is, by far, the most useful tool in your arsenal. The scanner highlights every important object in the environment, be it an exploding gas can or a guy with a rocket launcher. It even works through walls, so before you stick your neck out, scan the scene before you.

What you should be looking for are triangles pointing down. These are bad guys. Bad guys are bad. Before a big firefight, you should go around and "mark" any of these triangles. Marking makes the enemy triangle show up on your HUD and radar, even if you're not in scan mode. It's tremendously useful, especially for stealthy players.


Even on the easiest difficulty, running and gunning in "Crysis 2" will leave you dead pretty quickly. Your best bet is to activate stealth mode (R1 or right bumper) and attempt to neutralize as many outlying enemies as possible before alerting the crowd. Use your scanner to track all nearby enemies and see which ones you can stealth kill without being spotted by the rest. Your invisibility will deactivate for a brief second while you stealth kill, so make sure you're not being watched when you knife your target.

Dead enemies usually result in their buddies coming to investigate. Use this to your advantage. If there's a long train of guys walking to check out a dead body, wait until they all pass and stealth kill the guy in the back.


Inevitably you'll end up messing up your stealthiness and revealing yourself at precisely the wrong time. If you're able to survive the initial onslaught of bullets, find some cover. In addition to providing some much-needed defense, cover allows you to crouch down and let your energy recharge. With a full meter, activate your armor mode (L1 or left bumper) and pop out of cover to take out one or two guys before dropping down again. Energy recharges extremely fast when it's not being used, so you should be able to take another few shots in a few seconds.

Unfortunately, aliens are a bit harder to deal with and you're likely to be flanked by their quick maneuvers. When dealing with aliens, you're better off attempting to go back into stealth mode and hiding somewhere. They take a lot of shots and you're not gonna have an easy time going toe-to-toe with them. Picking them off with stealth kills is your best bet until you've narrowed them down to one or two enemies.


As you journey through the ruined streets of NYC, you'll come across certain modified weapons. For example, a rifle with a laser sight and a silencer. What's neat is that, by picking up this weapon, it unlocks those attachments permanently for that gun. So, for example, if you find that same rifle with a reflex scope but no silencer, you can still use the previous gun's silencer. As the game gets harder, having fully upgraded weapons becomes crucial, so you'll need all the help you can get.


Once you come across your first alien combatant, you'll unlock the ability to upgrade your suit using their dead remains. Gross, but still really handy. Upgrades allow you to do such nifty things as decrease the amount of energy used when in stealth mode or keep track of the footsteps of nearby enemies, so make sure you're spending those points early and often.

By the way, in the main menu, there's an option called the Nanosuit Showroom. This actually walks you through all of the upgrades in the game (for single-player and multiplayer), and should help you to better decide where to spend your points.


If you follow these basic tips, you're going to have a much less frustrating time cruising through "Crysis 2." A reminder: This is not "Halo." You're better off playing it more like "Deus Ex," handling each section like a tactical encounter and using the environment to your advantage. Take it slow and you'll be stomping on alien cranium in no time!