'Prey 2' Features Parkour, Boba Fett-like Protagonist

prey 2

"Prey 2" was announced exactly one week ago, news that was shortly after followed by a gripping, yet totally non-revealing, live action teaser trailer. Today brings our first details on the game, which apparently finds comparisons with just about every other game ever conceived, according to the developer.

The details come from the latest issue of UK magazine Game Reactor (via NeoGAF). The first thing to know is that the story is less a prequel and more an alternate telling of the first game's events... sort of. As a producer at developer Human Head Studios told the magazine, "If the first 'Prey' was the Luke Skywalker version of the story, 'Prey 2' is Boba Fett's story."

The game actually opens in the same bar that the original starts in, only this time you are in control of Sheriff Killian Samuels. The events that follow apparently unfold much differently than they did for Tommy, the protagonist of the first game, as our star sheriff soon finds himself working his way through open, alien-filled environments.

"Prey 2" has been in development for three years, with Xbox 360 pegged as the "lead" console (it is also coming to PlayStation 3 and PC). Human Head says that the game is "heavily inspired" by "Mirror's Edge," particularly in the way that Killian moves through his environment.

Parkour-like abilities will be highlighted in the main character's ability to leap to/from great heights, hang from pipes, balancing on boards and springing off of walls. In addition, players will be negotiating their way through open environments, with multiple ways to get around a given problem. Human Head says that the scope of these environments "is comparable to 'Assassin's Creed 2.'" The planet Killian finds himself on is called Exodus, and it features cities, deserts, caves and your basic "in the wilds" terrain.

On the gunplay side, the article compares combat in "Prey 2" to "Killzone," particularly with regards to how taking cover works. Killian will also collect money throughout his adventure which can be spent on upgrading armor, weapons and even abilities, such as telekinesis. The loot system is actually compared in the article to the one seen in "Borderlands."

It sounds like Human Head is skipping a multiplayer component -- Human Head said, "Who would pick the multiplayer mode of 'Prey 2' ahead of the one in for example 'Halo: Reach'?" -- in favor of a more robust single-player campaign. DLC is planned as well. That about covers everything. "Prey 2" sounds like the gaming mash-up to end all gaming mash-ups, and there is nothing wrong with that. Right? What do you think?