'Homefront' Console Versions Have Freezing Issues


"Homefront" hit stores this week, riding along on a wave of anticipation spurred by preview reports of a robust multiplayer mode and a solo campaign story conceived by "Red Dawn" director/co-writer John Milius. The game sold well on launch day too, with THQ reporting 375,000 day-one sales in North America, though word is now surfacing that players are dealing with some freezing issues in the console releases.

Fans on the official "Homefront" forums are writing that the game is freezing at various times, from pre-match multiplayer lobbies to in-game play. There also seem to be some issues with party connections that increase the incidences of freezing.

Kaos Studios rep KAOS CHEFS writes in response, "I'm looking into the reports of PS3 freezing issues and will provide an update once I've spoken with all the teams. Will need a bit of time, but in the interim - thanks a lot for your patience!"

That response is posted in a PlayStation 3-specific thread, though Xbox 360 users are also having trouble. A similar status report from Kaos is posted there as well.

For what it's worth, I had minimal problems during my review playthrough of the game. The solo campaign ran without a hitch, though there were a couple of times during the multiplayer sessions that the game completely froze, requiring a console reboot. The Xbox 360 console, which is what the game was reviewed on, is the semi-frequent subject of these crashes -- especially my old pre-Slim model -- so I just chalked it up to that at the time. It seems though that the game has some inherent ills which need fixing.

Fortunately for fans of the game, Kaos seems to be very much on top of it. Even just the presence of a "hey guys, we know there are problems and we're working on it" update is better than nothing at all.

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