'Prototype 2' Trailer Focuses On The Miracle Of Flight

prototype 2

Alex Mercer returns later this year for "Prototype 2," but not how you'd expect. As we learned last week, Mercer is the villain this time around. He'll be facing off against Sergeant James Heller, freshly back from a tour of duty overseas and looking for revenge over the death of his family in the wake of Mercer's gyrations about New York City in the first game. None of that has any bearing on today's news, however, which features a new trailer showing off the quiet beauty of flight and the messy aftermath of a high-speed landing.

"Flight" in this case is one very unfortunate soldier being flung from the rooftop of a building by what is certainly an exceedingly pissed off Heller. It's hard to say what the poor soul could have done to deserve such a fate, but it's fun to marvel at his imminent virtual doom as he soars through the sky like so many digital ragdolls before him. The trailer's title, "Heller Throws Down," is certainly fitting.

We didn't learn much more than what's mentioned up at the top of this post in last week's report, unfortunately. The setting will seemingly still be the Big Apple, since Heller's drive for revenge is based on actions taken by Mercer during the events of the first game. Those events will apparently be reflected in the new layout of the city, which is divided into more discrete socio-economic zones.

What that means for Heller is a mystery at this point; whether you're rich, poor, an apartment-dweller or homeless, he's an enraged military vet with no family and superpowers. Everyone's screwed.

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