Exclusive 'WWE All Stars' Trailer Features New Rise Against Track

WWE games have always been surprisingly simulation-heavy, with intricate fighting combos and techniques. "WWE All Stars" goes in a different direction entirely, ramping up the action of WWE with more outlandish moves and over-the-top character models.

The core of the game focuses on the battle between modern-day WWE stars and stars of years past. For example, you could have Andre the Giant battling The Rock or Bret Hart taking on Rey Mysterio.

To get a better sense of the game, THQ passed along an exclusive trailer, which you can check out at the top of this post.

Definitely note the song used in the background. That's a heretofore unreleased track from Rise Against off their new album, "Endgame," which drops tomorrow. Perfect timing, as fans can vote for the band in our annual Musical March Madness. Yep, it seems Rise Against is battling Pete Wentz in the first round, so make your vote count.

While they started off simple enough, WWE games have since become tricky for newcomers to jump right into. I haven't had the chance to play too much of "All Stars," but the premise of keeping things more arcadey seems like a step in the right direction, at least in terms of bringing new fans to the table. Also, basically anything with Andre the Giant is OK in my book. (And yes, that includes "The Princess Bride.")

Be sure to keep an eye out for "WWE All Stars," which releases on March 29 for a whole mess o' platforms. Also, check out Rise Against's "Endgame," which is available tomorrow.