'Saints Row: The Third' Ditches Competitive Multiplayer, Keeps Co-op

saints row the third

Volition's "Saints Row" series started life as a brazen "Grand Theft Auto" knockoff. The successes of the first game were expanded upon in the sequel, resulting in a release that had its own, clearly defined voice... while still gleefully ripping off "GTA." So there's no reason not to be giggling excitedly over the mere existence of "Saints Row: The Third" and the various perversions its filthy comedic sensibilities will surely showcase. The news today is that "The Third" doesn't merely exist anymore; THQ dished on some of the game's features in an upcoming Game Informer preview.

The biggest change, as you can see in the headline, is the removal of competitive multiplayer, according to a NeoGAF poster who got the GI issue early. Co-op remains, and thanks be for that since the only thing more enjoyable than careening through an underground shopping mall in a sports car with guns blazing is doing that same thing with a friend.

The player-created hero of the first and second games returns to star in the threequel, along with Johnny Gat and Shaundi, who serve as key cronies in your gang once again. As we learned last week, the game features a new enemy -- the Syndicate -- and a new city, which sounds as if it was modeled after Detroit.

"Saints Row: The Third" will feature a traditional character leveling system, with the respect meter now serving as your XP count. Instead of completing multiple minigame-style side missions to improve your character, you purchase perks and abilities with each new level. The goal of course being to allow for a character who is more tailored to your specific play style.

Vehicle customization has been expanded and weapon customization has been added; in the example given, an assault rifle could be outfitted with items like a sniper scope or an underbarrel grenade launcher. Other new weaopns include a dildo, a tactical airstrike and an exceptionally cool-sounding RC gun which can be used to remotely commandeer vehicles. It can even be upgraded to take control of tanks and aircraft.

There's a fair bit more as well, and I encourage you to check it all out at the source link above. Or simply wait for your latest issue of GI so you can get the news with a side of sweet, delicious screenshots.