'Prototype 2' Casts First Game's Protagonist As The New Villain

prototype 2

"Prototype" was a good game that came out at a bad time. Hitting shelves almost at the same moment as the PlayStation 3-exclusive "inFamous," the end result was two superpower-driven open-world action games competing for gamers' attentions. Nobody wins in a situation like that. We're all still excited for "Prototype 2" though, especially now that details are starting to emerge on the coming sequel.

The first bits of information comes from an upcoming issue of OXM, teased today in a preview on the magazine's website. The new issue, which is out March 10, will run through details on the game's open world, combat, powers and the like. Today's preview instead focuses on the story and some of the big-picture ideas.

The protagonist of this new game is Sergeant James Heller, a "grizzle military veteran" whose family was lost in the plague. Alex Mercer, the questionably heroic hero of the first game, is back, only this time he is your "nemesis."

Heller is described as a "resourceful, at times subordinate, combat specialist who soon learns to revel in the awesome physical capabilities the Blacklight virus bestows upon him."

The basic concept of running around an open city and letting your freak flag fly as you dish out a range of powers on an unsuspecting populace remains in place. OXM writes that Radical has been working to "accommodate the same level of on-screen chaos as seen in ['Prototype'], without replicating the occasional feeling of helplessness that marred that game."

The report also notes that more thought has been put into how a modern-day metropolis might response to a catastrophic outbreak, a fact which will apparently be evident in the city's diverse socio-economic zones. Not a tremendous amount of information, all told, but expect more to surface once the magazine hits newsstands later this week.

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