New 'Dark Souls' Details Reveal Dragon Zombie, Usefulness Of Campfires

dark souls

The flow of information on From Software's upcoming "Demon's Souls" not-sequel "Dark Souls" just doesn't stop. Thus far its been mostly big picture-type stuff, relating to the game world's size and overall playtime. Today, however, brings some actual gameplay details. And a concept image of the game's Dragon Zombie enemy, in one of the cooler pairings of popular geek culture tropes.

The news comes from the latest issue of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu, via Andria Sang. The big reveal relates to campfires, which serve as your player character's home bases in the game's various environments. They serve as healing locations and re-spawn points, meaning that when you die -- and you will die -- that's where you'll continue your journey from.

In addition to basic health recovery, which is done by literally touching the fire and using a specialized Monk spell, players will also be able to fill up their stock of Est at these locations. Est is essentially a health potion, stored in an Est jar which will likely empty out quickly as the game's difficulty ramps up. Images of other players will also appear in campfire locations if you are playing online.

Other features include ladders, which may be both climbed and kicked over (to prevent pursuit), a transformation spell that turns your character's body to iron (in exchange for a slower movement speed) and NPC summons, one of which is a Black Iron Knight which will fight alongside you for a time.

And yes, Dragon Zombie (pictured above). There's that too. Andria Sang has many more images posted than that, so make sure you check out the source link for a closer look.