'Battlefield 3' Trailer Showcases Three Minutes Of Gameplay

battlefield 3

The 2011 Game Developer's Conference is in full swing in San Francisco, Cali right now, and one of the big highlights of this year's event is "Battlefield 3." DICE is giving attendees their first glimpse of the coming sequel's gameplay, but the developer hasn't forgotten about us poor souls who aren't on hand to witness the magic of the game's Frostbite 2 engine in action firsthand. There's a new trailer up, and it's got three minutes of gameplay. Check it right here.

The trailer is the first episode in DICE's "Fault Line" series, titled "The Bad Part of Town." The video description reads: "Join us as we follow Staff Sgt. Black and his team of U.S. Marines into the bad part of town in this first installment of the Battlefield 3 Fault Line video series." The next one is coming in just a couple weeks, its launch set for March 16.

The gameplay being showcased is pulled from early in the game, snippets of the same sections being shown off in the full GDC demo session. The visuals here look fantastic, but even the video's HQ mode doesn't fully showcase the true extent of Frostbite 2's power. This is a pretty game, no question, and one built around the framework of the franchise's enduringly popular gameplay.

DICE announced the planned fall 2011 release for "Battlefield 3" at the beginning of February alongside a game footage-free teaser trailer. A more revealing trailer followed a few weeks later, along with a scattered set of gameplay details gleaned from a Game Informer cover story. Expect a hard push behind this one with plenty more content to come, since "Battlefield 3" will be taking on Activision's annual "Call of Duty" release this holiday. For now though, bask in the glory of this beautiful trailer.