'Final Fantasy IV' Spin-Off Brings Paladin Cecil Back For More

final fantasy 4 complete collection

The enduringly popular "Final Fantasy" series from Square-Enix could probably get by for the next 20 years just releasing remakes and spin-offs of the previous games. This is pretty funny when you think about it, since prior to "Final Fantasy X-2," spin-offs were a no-no for the franchise. Now they're all the rage, and the next one set for release is "Final Fantasy 4 Complete Collection," a PlayStation Portable compilation that brings "FF4," sequel "FF4: The After Years" and the newly written "FF4 Interlude" into one place. But what is this "Interlude"? Today we have our answer.

Takashi Tokida oversaw the development of the new chapter, which is meant to bridge the gap in time between the events of "FF4" and "The After Years." He sat down to talk about what fans can expect in an interview featured in this week's issue of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu (via Andria Sang).

In "Interlude" players will once again take control of Cecil, the Dark Knight-turned-Paladin hero of "FF4." Set several years after the events of the original game, the bridge story picks up at Damcyan Castle, where the heroes have gathered to participate in a celebration honoring the newly repaired castle. He doesn't go into further detail than that, but it's probably safe to assume that something happens, and whatever that something is, it isn't good.

Tokida also spoke a little bit about the collection, which features new high-res visuals, an image gallery containing artwork and videos, and the ability to switch between the game's original music and new arrangements. All of which rules if you're a fan of "FF4." There's not much longer to wait either-- "Final Fantasy 4 Complete Collection" hits stores on April 19.