'Bulletstorm' Getting PDLC Pack This Spring With New MP And Echoes Maps


"Bulletstorm" is out today. It is a first-person shooter that butters its bread on the idea of rewarding players for killing an array of enemies in increasingly bizarre and combo-driven ways. There's an electronic leash, an abundance of swearing and buckets of blood. If you are under 17, stop reading this instant. Otherwise, hit the jump to hear all about the upcoming DLC that co-developer Epic Games (with People Can Fly) announced today.

Epic will drop the "Gun Sonata" DLC pack this spring for 800 MS Points on Xbox Live or $9.99 on the PlayStation Network (no mention of support for the Windows release). Your $10 investment will add three new maps to the game's Anarchy multiplayer mode and two for its high score-driven Echo mode, which players got a chance to try in the recently released demo.

The three Anarchy maps bring in new locations to discover unique Skillshots in: the Sewers of Stygia, the Hotel Elysium and the Villa (not to be confused with the Villa from "Call of Duty: Black Ops"). The cool thing about "Bullestorm" is finding fun, new ways to end your enemies' lives. Any new location offers new possibilities in that direction.

There are also two new maps for Echo mode, in which the main goal is to rack up as many points as possible by both maximizing and varying your kills. In Crash Site, "Final Echo soldiers must deal with the ramifications of their crashed ship. The other map, "Guns of Stygia," is set around a captive commando's escape from prison. The two Echo maps bring with them a new set of challenges and a pair of enhancements for your character's Leash, the Flamingo and the Pulp.