Valve Boss Reveals Shelved Submarine Franchise

valve submarine game

When you think of Valve Corporation, the first things that probably pop into your mind are "Half-Life" and "Portal." Perhaps even the company's digital delivery gaming service, Steam. What you probably don't think of, however, is submarines. Maybe you should though, since Valve boss Gabe Newell certainly has.

Enter Prospero, a sci-fi game that was in development at Valve before even the original "Half-Life" was released. "Well a lot of the ideas for Prospero have sort of influenced our other games subsequently," Newell said in the latest edition of Steamcast (via CVG). "So, you know, whether or not we actually go back and do that specific game I don't know, it actually has a lot of appeal to us, we're all sort of fond of it."

"Nothing ever really dies here, it's just a question how long until we get around to doing it," he continued. "We just have so many opportunities to do so many different things. I mean I even get emailed from people saying 'What about Ricochet 2?', which is kind of astonishing." (Note: Ricochet" is a popular Valve-developed "Half-Life" mod that focused on online deathmatch play)

And that's where the submarine talk starts. "Even further back than Propsero, the other game that Mike [Harrington] and I were talking about before we'd even had anybody other than us working on it was a submarine game," Newell said. "Mike was absolutely certain there was an opportunity to create fantastic underwater visuals and gameplay, so if people want to know the even furtherest back thing we have haven't gotten around to shipping yet it would have to be the unnamed submarine game."

So now all of you Valve die-hards can start asking "Where's our submarine game?" If nothing else, it'll be a refreshing change from "Where's our 'Half-Life: Episode Three'?"