Warren Spector-Penned 'DuckTales' Comics Coming In May, Hinting At A New Game?


"DuckTales." Who doesn't love that series? It stars Donald Duck's irascible, penny-pinching Uncle Scrooge McDuck, who swims around in his towering vault filled with money. It was also the subject of a '90s TV cartoon series and a pair of excellent NES games. And now it's going to be featured in a new comic book series from BOOM! Studios penned by "Epic Mickey" and "Deus Ex" designer, Warren Spector.

Spector's run of "DuckTales" comics kicks off in May with art from Miquel Pujol. The first issue will be released with two covers, featuring art from Leonel Castellani and James Silvani. BOOM! also recently launched a line of "Darkwing Duck" comics (basically a duck-billed Batman) as part of its Disney Afternoon Revolution. "DuckTales" is similarly part of the Revolution, and it will be set in the same universe as "Darkwing."

The big news here for we gamers is Spector's involvement. The celebrated gamesmith has no shortage of experience in other mediums of entertainment. He co-created the pen & paper role-playing game "Toon" and later moved on to TSR, where he worked on the launch of the space-based "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" campaign setting "Spelljammer."

Video games came in later, when Spector brought his talents to Origin Systems and Looking Glass Studios on well-regarded releases like "Ultima Underworld" and "System Shock." It was his move to Ion Studios in the late '90s that left the biggest mark, however. There Spector created his masterpieces, "Deus Ex" and "Deus Ex: Invisible War," as well as "Thief: Deadly Shadows."

Spector is in no way done with the gaming business. He established Junction Point Studios in 2005, which Disney snatched up a few years later and "Epic Mickey" followed a few more after that. Now that Spector is on this "DuckTales" comic, I'm hoping that it's a sign of things to come. The classic NES games are products of their time, but I can't think of any reason why a return to the franchise in the video game medium could be anything other than a good thing.

And now, because it just has to happen, the "DuckTales" theme for your listening pleasure. Life is like a hurricane indeed.