Telltale Confirms 'King's Quest' Reboot And 'Fables' Game


Yesterday, we reported that Telltale Games alluded to the existence of a game based on Eisner Award-winning comic series, "Fables." Last night in San Francisco, Telltale confirmed that that the game is in fact in development. But that wasn't all. It was also revealed that a reboot of the "King's Quest" franchise is in the works.

Unfortunately, details on the title were rather slim. The game is being produced through a partnership deal with DC Comics and Warner Bros., and is currently slated to release for PC, Mac, and connected consoles in Q1 2012. Telltale offered no other details, except for Vice-President of Marketing Steve Allison stating that the studio "will pay homage to the story as written." Telltale has promised further details at this year's Comic-Con.

So, even though "Fables" wasn't really a surprise, the announcement of a "King's Quest" reboot was. The company offered no details in regards to the game, merely announcing its development and stating that further information would be available at E3 2011.

Personally, I'm quite excited about the "Fables" game, as creator Bill Willingham's story could meld nicely with Telltale's episodic structure. In regards to "King's Quest," well, it looks like we'll have to wait until E3 to learn more about the series' reboot. Given Telltale's adventure game roots, one would imagine that "King's Quest" would lovely closely with the classic entries in the series, but it's hard to say right now which direction they're planning on going. At the very least, one would hope that the insanely opaque, unintuitive puzzles from "King's Quest" are back and as hair-pullingly nonsensical as ever.