'Dead Island' Trailer Is Just Like That Coldplay Music Video!

Dead Island

"Dead Island" is a zombie game that's been in development for ages. At least five years at this point. Techland, the folks behind "Call of Juarez," are helming the project, which is supposed to be an homage to classic zombie movies. The whole game is set on an island which is quickly overrun by the undead, leaving a few poor souls to fend for survival. Oh, and it has RPG elements, in case the previous similarities to "Dead Rising" weren't enough. It is, however, an FPS.

I can't say there's been a huge amount of demand for info on "Dead Island," but that changed today with the launch of a new CGI trailer.

The trailer, which is currently exclusive to IGN, can be viewed here:

As you can see, it's basically a zombie movie in reverse. It's pretty messed up, but, artistically, it's one of the best game trailers I've ever seen, despite the fact that it doesn't show an iota of actual gameplay. But, as a concept, very clever.

Clever, but not wholly original. Fans of the band, Coldplay, are likely familiar with the video for "The Scientist." If not, you can watch it here:

Coldplay wasn't the first to do the whole backwards thing either, but if you note the somber piano tones in the "Dead Island" trailer, the similarities are pretty obvious.

More details about "Dead Island," including info about the actual gameplay, can be found here. It'll be interesting to see if Techland can manage to one-up games like "Left 4 Dead" and "Dead Rising." For zombie fans, though, any competition is good competition.

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