Open-World Zombie Survival Game 'Class3' Coming To Xbox Live Arcade

If you've been feeling some burnout from the zombie overload in pop culture of late, then you run the risk of missing out on some cool stuff. "The Walking Dead" TV series was great stuff and the just-released zombie map for "Call of Duty: Black Ops" features Space Monkeys, which is absolutely fine. Now there's news of an upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title from Undead Labs that the developer hopes will put a whole new spin on zombie video gaming.

The game, which is currently going by the codename "Class3," sounds an awful lot like an interactive take on "The Walking Dead." Undead Labs is building an open-world game that, as they describe in a new blog post, will "empower you to try out your real-world zombie survival plan." It's early in the development and a lot of the ideas being thrown around are of the big picture variety, but there's no denying the appeal in what Undead Labs is cooking up.

Their intention for the open-world game is to put just as much emphasis on the challenges of surviving in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world as they will on actually bringing down the shambling hordes in open combat. Food, water, shelter and ammo are listed as necessary resources to seek out and maintain. Shelters will need to be built, but since location is also important you'll need to explore the open environment, either on foot or in a vehicle. You can even bring a friend along, as Undead Labs plans for two-player cooperative play.

The long-term goal for this project is meant to culminate in "Class4," a massively multiplayer outing that brings the basic mechanical precepts established in "Class3" into a much larger space and for considerably higher numbers of players. That's going to happen much further down the line, after "Class3" -- a full-blown game that will also serve as a testing ground -- has been put through its paces. For now, Undead Labs is partnered with Microsoft on the Xbox Live Arcade release and in concept at least it sounds freaking awesome.