Monty Python iOS Game Channels 'Angry Birds'

Monty Python

Over the years, several ridiculous Monty Python games have been released, with varied quality. The latest attempt, "Monty Python's Cow Tossing," latches onto the seemingly unstoppable machine that is "Angry Birds," albeit with more of a focus on humor and cows. Incredibly, the concept actually makes slightly more sense than the premise of "Angry Birds": You're a French knight battling back English forces attempting to sack your castle. The good news? You've got a catapult. The bad news? Your only ammunition appears to be farm animals.

You can check out some gameplay footage of "Cow Tossing" right here. Based on the trailer, it doesn't look quite as slick as Rovio's effort, but if you're a Monty Python fan, you have to take what you get, I suppose.

The official YouTube listing for the game proclaims that the "Cow Tossing" will include 80 levels, six different animals and an upgradable catapult. You can even unlock video clips from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," allowing you to relive such memorable moments as the Killer Rabbit, the battle with the black knight and, of course, Frenchmen catapulting farm animals at King Arthur. Game Center support is also promised, with achievements and leaderboards to beat the band. The game is scheduled to launch at the end of January which is, gasp, right now.

Worth noting that while "Angry Birds" fans might cry fowl (sorry.) at this obvious clone, Rovio's game was far from wholly original when it launched, taking much of its inspiration from games like "Scorched Earth" and "Crush the Castle." Who knew physics-based catapult games would find such a welcoming home on the iPhone and iPad?