Is This A Glimpse At 'Angry Birds 2'?

Angry Birds 2

The "Angry Birds" train just keeps on a-rollin', and the latest news from the Finish developer, RovioMobile, is that "Angry Birds Seasons" will be recieving an update of new levels in February, in time for Valentines Day. The news came from a German DW-TV report, which you can watch here. While news of a new "Seasons" update is interesting, the report also included the screenshot above. It's definitely not a shot from "Angry Birds Seasons" or any other version of "Angry Birds" we've ever seen. Is this our first look at "Angry Birds 2"?

The screen, as well as the one below, were mentioned as part of the report which talked about the designers at Rovio "working on new versions of their game." It's not clear whether the screen is of actual gameplay or is simply concept art, but the environment clearly looks a lot more detailed than anything we've seen in an "Angry Birds" release before.

Angry Birds

It's tough to really glean any new information about "Angry Birds 2," since the screens give little away. There are no new birds or block-types visible, and the ever-present slingshot remains in place. Hard to imagine that Rovio would mess with the formula too much in the sequel, though we would hope there's something more interesting than high-rez backgrounds in store.

As for the Valentines update to "Angry Birds Seasons," you can expect it on or around February 14. No word yet on whether there will be a charge, or whether the levels will unlock over time, as they did with the Christmas installment.