'Chrono Trigger' Fanmade Sequel Keeps Franchise Alive

"Chrono Trigger" is widely hailed as one of the best -- if not the best -- RPG of the 16-bit generation, largely because it is... well... kinda awesome. The world-saving adventures of Crono and his fellow time-travelers are instantly captivating, reaching past the primitive visuals of the time to deliver an affecting story that is packed with fun gameplay. A sequel followed in 2000, "Chrono Cross," and it was equally well-received. There's been nothing since though, which brings us to "Crimson Skies," a fanmade project whose aim to continue the story has been underway since 2004 and which is now available online for you to check out.

"Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes" is actually a mod of the original game, probably because modding a PlayStation release, which "Chrono Cross" was, is quite a bit more difficult. The fanmade sequel was planned for a May 31, 2009 release -- boasting 10 different endings and roughly 35 hours of game, spread across 23 chapters in all -- when disaster struck. Square-Enix sent the fan developers a cease & desist letter which brought the project to a crashing halt as all materials and modifications were taken down and all work ceased. You can still check some of their stuff out over at the original website.

OR you can simply try the game out for yourself, provided you understand how to make an SNES emulator work with homebrew ROMs. This is because a Reddit user going by the name buu700 posted download links for a build of the game which is described as being more recent than the final "98% beta" that the team was working on at the time the Square Enix Cease and Desist came through. Get it quickly though, before it disappears into Internet obscurity once more.