'Homefront' DLC All Coming To Xbox Live First, Including Launch Day Map

A horde of gaming journalists gathered in New York City today, where THQ Core Games boss Danny Bilson and his team were on hand to show off the multiplayer component in the company's Kaos Studios-developed upcoming new IP "Homefront," which hits stores on March 8. Multiplayer's glorious leader Russ Frushtick will surely be bringing you word on how that went down soon enough, but the event also brought with it the reveal of some exciting news for the Xbox Live contingent of future "Homefront" players: timed-exclusive DLC.

THQ has been hyping up the game's multiplayer mode for some time. Among other things, they've made it clear that the game will be supported after launch with plenty of DLC. Today brought confirmation that all future "Homefront" DLC releases will come to Xbox Live first. There's no word yet on how long PlayStation 3 owners will be waiting for their own releases. The program will kick off on the day the game launches in March, with the Xbox-exclusive Suburbs map going up for download. More info from Microsoft is promised next week.

I'm not sure what to make of this move. My Xbox 360 is the console I tend to game online with, so I'm excited purely as a gamer. But as someone who observes and comments on the industry every day, I have to wonder what PS3-only gamers are thinking right now. Does this make you less interested in "Homefront" in any way? What is an acceptable amount of time between the exclusive 360 release and the eventual PS3 release? While 360 owners are surely excited about the news -- especially the online folk who love to engage in ridiculous "my console is better than your console" debates -- is that excitement worth potentially alienating PS3 gamers? THQ doesn't seem to think so. Only time will tell how this all shakes out.