'DC Universe Online' PS3 Requires 16GB, Takes 1.5 Hours To Install

DC Universe Online

"DC Universe Online" has a few hurdles to overcome, especially on the PS3, and one of the biggest is technological. Take for example the PS3 install requirement: 16 GB. That's right, 16 GB. Far above and beyond almost every other game in the PS3's library and it's not just suggested space, it's required. And so is hour and a half it takes before you can even start playing.

Upon loading up "DCU Online," players will be greeted with a series of updates and downloads which will greatly postpone their initial enjoyment of the game. "DCU Online" isn't exactly a pick-up-and-play title, since the time between when the disc enters your PS3 and when you actually pick up the controller exceeds an hour and a half. The 10 minutes that former Multiplayer editor Stephen Totillo spent installing "Metal Gear Solid 4" has now been dwarfed by a comic-book themed MMO.

DC Universe Online

Here’s the breakdown of the install process:

Initial Version Update - Time: 2:34 (132 MB)

Redeem Activation Code - Time: < 1 Minute

Updates Download - Time: 42:45 (12 GB)

Assets Check/Install - Time: < 1 Minute

Second Update Download - Time: 46:48 (2 GB)

Total Time: Approx. 1 Hour and 33 minutes

While the game was installing, it gave me the opportunity to check some of my other PS3 games to see if this install was on par with anything that had already been released. While my collection is somewhat limited, the three closest titles all came in at less than one third of the required space, with "Yakuza 3" requiring the most, 5 GB. "Metal Gear Solid 4" and "Heavy Rain" round out the top three with requirements of 4.6 and 4 GB respectively.

While PC gamers may be used to lengthy installs, it's always been one thing that console gamers haven’t really needed to worry about, at least up until this generation. As a reference point, the PC version actually requires just about double the space, clocking in at 30 GBs. It's not really a burden so much as something that console gamers need to become accustomed to, especially if they want to enjoy entire worlds like the one offered in "DCU Online."