'FEAR 3' Collector's Edition Offers Up Alma Statue, Bonus Weapon

Are you still crying over yesterday's news that the release of "FEAR 3" got pushed back to May? You are? Maybe this news will cheer you up then: the Collector's Edition version of the game has been officially announced, complete with a trailer, and it's chock full of... stuff.

For some undetermined price, you'll get yourself the game, SteelBook package (ie a fancy metal case), a bonus in-game weapon called The Hammer, a "FEAR 3" comic book from DC Comics and a creepy 7" pregnant Alma statue that glows in the dark. There's a catch though: the trailer clearly identifies itself as being intended for the UK market. That doesn't necessarily ensure that this Collector's Edition won't be coming to the United States, but it's not confirmed yet.

"FEAR 3" will switch things up a bit with the addition of co-op gameplay. In addition to playing as the Point Man, the hero of the first game, players will also be able to step into the possessed shoes of Paxton Fettel, a major villain of previous games in the series. Why the two will now be working together remains a mystery, one you'll be able to start solving when the game finally arrives in May.

Hopefully with a glow-in-the-dark Alma statue peering over your shoulder. The UK always gets the coolest stuff.