'X-Men: Destiny' To Include Branching Story, Mutant Customization

While 2009's film "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" left fans feeling queasy and disinterested, the tie-in video game served up a fun mix of action, destruction and excessive gore in the vein of "God of War" and its ilk. Even with a different developer crafting the next X-Men game -- "Too Human" dev Silicon Knights -- excitement for more interactive outings with Professor X's mutants is at a high. Settle in then, as we've got the first details from "X-Men: Destiny" to share with you today.

The information about the upcoming Activision release is pulled from the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine. The game will force players to face "the tough decisions that an X-Man has to make," set as it is during a time when the public's attitude toward mutants is at its most hostile.

The story will open sometime shortly before or after the X-Men suffer some kind of major loss-- the death of Xavier perhaps? The main character is the child of an anti-mutant zealot, though there will apparently be three different characters to choose from (read: different power sets), all of which are now part of the X-Men canon.

"Destiny" will sport an experience system allowing players to trick out their mutant with the powers of others using X-Genes. Players will also be faced with "Decision Moments," the game's take on moral choices, though exactly how any decisions made factor into the larger story remains a mystery. Gambit, Magneto, Surge and Quicksilver are all confirmed to be making an appearance in the game, though they'll surely be joined by plenty of others.

It's still early days for "Destiny," so who can really say what sort of game we're looking at here? Outside of Silicon Knights of course. I'm a little wary of the developer after the "Too Human" travesty, but their "Eternal Darkness" remains one of the best releases of the GameCube era. Hopefully the team recovers from their 2008 stumble and delivers an X-Men game that fans can be proud of.