Wesley Snipes Trying Game Development From Prison

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes, who is currently serving a 3-year prison term for tax evasion, is already thinking about the future. Specifically he's thinking about a new franchise he's looking to develop called "Julius Styles: The International," which he plans on turning into a movie once he's out of jail. And what action movie is complete without a video game counterpart? Yep, Snipes is jumping into game development, as well, with a downloadable title featuring his eponymous hero.

Speaking with IGN, Snipes said he "was inspired by my desire to bring my 'Art of War,' 'Murder at 1600' and 'Passenger 57' characters into the game world." The best parts of those characters (whose emotional range is so vast that it's even hard to remember their names!) are basically pulled together in the ass-kicking, puzzle-solving persona that is Julius Styles.

The plan is to release the video game on Xbox Live, PSN and iOS this Summer, so as to get people excited for the impending release of the movie in...um...2013. Here's hoping the first Julius Styles game is such a huge success that six sequels will help to fill in that two year span!

As for gameplay, Snipes describes it as a game that "pits your street knowledge survival skills with your academic intellect and spiritual intuition." Sure, why not.

While I can't vouch for the quality of "Julius Styles: The International," I can ask myself whether the developers, or Snipes, have ever heard of an actress who happens to have a very similar name. C'mon, she was on "Dexter" this season! Someone had to notice it.

Anyway, very much looking forward to the inevitable follow-up, "Georgette Clooney: The International 2."