Goro, Jade Returning For Next 'Mortal Kombat' Game

Game Informer is bearing all sorts of fruit today, right? First there was the "Skyrim" stuff, then "Silent Hill: Downpour." Now I'm going to top it all off with some "Mortal Kombat" news because hey, why not? Goro and Jade are officially confirmed for the next game, which is known simply (for now) as "Mortal Kombat."

Goro will be filling duties as a boss, which longtime fans will remember well as his original role in the series. His Lair stage, seen in screenshots, returns as well, reworked for a hi-def world with bodies hanging from the ceiling. Jade is also pictured in the magazine's screens, so consider her confirmed as well.

"Mortal Kombat" is currently in development at NetherRealm Studios, formerly known as WB Games Chicago. The story picks up after the events of "Mortal Kombat: Armageddon," the last game in the series that didn't feature characters from the DC Comics universe, but some time jumping eventually shifts things back to the period covered in the series' first three games.

Not that any of it matters. "Mortal Kombat" is first, second and third a fighting game. The story is pretty inconsequential since the real draw of the experience is duking it out with your friends online and off. Recent entries in the series have wrapped more narrative around the game's single player components, but really folks... you know it and I know it: it's all about delivering vicious, gory beatings.

"Mortal Kombat" retains the 2-D presentation (really, 2.5D) of its predecessors, but it will be the first in the series to support 3-D displays. Look for the game to arrive later this year; April is the currently targeted release window. Other confirmed playable characters include Cyrax, Ermac, Jax, Johnny Cage, Kitana, Kung Lao, Mileena, Nightwold, Raiden, Reptile, Scorpion, Sektor, Shao Kahn, Sindel, Sonya and Sub-Zero. Whew. "God of War" anti-hero Kratos is also confirmed as playable for the PlayStation 3 version of the game.