Razer's Gaming-Specific Netbook Teased At CES


Netbooks, as we all know, are great for portability and basic web-browsing needs, but when it comes to gaming, you better not expect to be playing anything much more involved than Flash games. Recent advances in technology have, however, opened the door for more intensive netbook gaming (the Macbook Air, for example, runs "Portal" and "Left 4 Dead" like a pro). Razer, a company known for their gaming-specific keyboard and mouse peripherals, are looking at this new world with open eyes, and are impressing the crowds at CES with The Switchblade, seen above.

It's still in a prototype phase, but imagine a gaming netbook that would take up about half of an airplane tray table but still allow you to play "World of WarCraft" from 30,000 feet. In addition, imagine if all of the buttons on that netbook were customizable for each game, allowing you to set visual hotkeys for yourself. If that's too hard to imagine, you can see the Switchblade in all its majesty in this ridiculously cool promo video from Razer:

It's hard to deny that, on paper and in that crazy video, the Switchblade looks kind of awesome. Unfortunately that's about all we're going to get for a while, as details regarding the technical specs, price point and release date are still mum.

While we wait to hear more, feel free to replay the video just for kicks. It may make you more fiendish for the device but, on the bright side, you get to hear the voice of Razer's CEO, Min-Liang Tan, again. Forget that homeless voice over guy...I want Mr. Tan doing the voice over for every game trailer from now on.