'Dynasty Warriors 7' Coming To North America On March 22

Dynasty Warriors 7

Tecmo Koei revealed a few weeks back that North America would be getting "Dynasty Warriors 7" in all of its Move-supported, co-op-play-including, 3-D glory in March 2011, just like Japan, but they've elaborated on those plans a bit more now, slapping a March 22 release date on the game for North America and March 25 for Europe. The news comes with a army of new info pages now readily available on the game's official English language website.

KoeiWarriors.co.uk has the new release info, while the English site for "Dynasty Warriors 7" at DynastyWarriors7.eu explains what will be going on if you play through in Story Mode, as well as how "any character can equip almost any weapon" now and how "switch attacks" will allow you to execute some powerful moves as you swap spears and arm cannons.

You may have appreciated unique character-specific weapons in the past, but TK appears to have opted to de-standardize such things in favor of a greater range of choices this time around. With more than 60 characters entering battle for "DW7," though, you'll have plenty to look at as you figure out what your favorite combos are.

Oh, and in case you didn't already know or notice at the bottom of the page there, this sequel isn't going to be exclusive to the PlayStation 3 globally, so you'll have your pick of platforms as well when it launches

Are you expecting good things from "Dynasty Warriors 7"? What do you think of the combat and attack changes being implemented? Share your reactions with us in the comment section below.