'Super Meat Boy' Cancelled As WiiWare

Super Meat Boy Wii

Team Meat knew as early as 2 months ago that the fate of "Super Meat Boy" as WiiWare might be in peril. Sadly, its demise has now been confirmed, though a Wii retail release might still have a small chance at seeing the light of day. As a Multiplayer favorite for 2010 and one of the more challenging new 2D platformers in recent memory, the news saddens us, but all hope may not be lost.

The official Team Meat Twitter account offered the following words on the subject last Thursday:

ATTENTION: there will not be a Wiiware version of SMB. we are looking in to retail Wii, bit its also looking grim. still looking though.

That's far from a promise, but you can bet that if there's a way to get "Super Meat Boy" onto the Wii, Team Meat will find it. There do seem to be some roadblocks, though, as a later Twitter update indicated that Team Meat "just cant [sic] find a publisher that thinks wii retail is a good idea for smb."

Unsurprisingly, the same file size challenges that were plaguing development back in October may have won out.

"We knew of the limits early on but overestimated our ability to get Nintendo to raise the file size," the game's designer Edmund McMillen told Joystiq. "It's lame that there is a 40MB cap on WiiWare games ... but it was our fault for blindly assuming this cap wasn't set in stone, and we are sorry for that."

So don't give up. Team Meat certainly hasn't. But if you've been holding off on purchasing this game until it was out for the Wii, you may want to bite the bullet and hit up Steam or Xbox Live.

Are you disappointed about the "SMB" cancellation as WiiWare? Would you still like to see it published as a retail game? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.