Mac App Store Opening Up Shop On January 6

Mac App Store

Apple teased its upcoming App Store plans for Mac computers back in October. The new wing of their service that already sells and distributes apps for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad will bring a simplified one-stop online store to MacBook and iMac users and could be an interesting place to watch for games as well.

"The App Store revolutionized mobile apps," Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in a statement. "We hope to do the same for PC apps with the Mac App Store by making finding and buying PC apps easy and fun. We can't wait to get started on January 6."

Apple's iDevices have taken their brand into a lot of new households in recent years, and I'm sure they're hoping to see some of those customers open up to their Mac product line as well. As for the developers making the apps, Apple will be offering them the same 70/30 revenue split that it uses for iPhone and iPad sales.

Steam's already there waiting in the downloadable Mac games space, however, so it will be interesting to see how the two services stack up against each other both in terms of prices and convenience in the new year.

It's hard to imagine anyone outdoing Valve as far as Steam's deals and built-in community go, but if Apple's entry means more competition and options for consumers, Mac users should all be better off in the long run.

Are you looking forward to seeing what the Mac App Store has to offer? Do you think the service will pose any threat to Steam? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.