'Smurfs Village' Laborers Threaten To Strike Thanks To Clock Cheat

Smurfs Village

Smurf farming got a lot easier for iPad and iPhone users who discovered how to use a glitch in the game's dependence on local time settings to power level their operations in "Smurfs' Village." Developer and thatgamecompany co-founder and creative director Jenova Chen attracted attention last week after he exploited that quirk and did an interview with Kotaku about his motivations. Those of us who got curious about the unsavory strategy and applied it our own farms were greeted to a disapproving message from Papa Smurf over the weekend, however, and according to The Bearded One, Smurfs noticing your clock manipulation after a recent update may choose to abandon your fields.

"I'm disappointed that you've been overworking the Smurfs by changing the clock," the new in-game warning states. "Careful, or Smurfs will leave the village."

Prior to the update, turning your iDevice's clock and/or calendar forward would artificially accelerate crop growth and enable you to freely burn through months of leveling in a matter of hours, and if you don't install the update, you'll presumably still be able to take advantage of that situation, bypassing Capcom's preferred development stimulation method, giving them money for extra Smurf Berries.

So exercise compassion and care with your Smurf workforce. They're on to your tricks and they may start pushing for contract negotiations if you don't lay off the time travel.

Have you received a scolding from Papa Smurf in "Smurf's Village"? Do you like the way Capcom dealt with things? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.