'X-Men: Destiny' Teaser Alludes To Moral Ambiguity

X-Men Destiny teaser

Silicon Knights' upcoming release "X-Men: Destiny" was announced a couple of months ago with writer Mike Carey involved, but we didn't get a lot of meaty info on the title beyond the fact that it would feature some mutants and destiny would play a role. Well, Activision released a new teaser trailer via GameTrailers and Spike, and though it doesn't contain any of the in-game footage you may have wanted to see, it does show off the shapes of some recognizable characters and a monologue by optic blast wielder Scott Summers. Have a look after the jump.

Notorious emo team leader Cyclops is front and center for the new teaser, where he discusses being different and being at war.

There's a female silhouette at the beginning that I can't quite make out. If costumes were redesigned for this game, it may be a lost cause to guess at who it is, but judging from the hair, posture and context of Cyclops' speech, I'd put my money on Jean Grey. Quicksilver (maybe?) appears to be the next shape to pass through the screen (the sound effect suggests it's a speedster), and Pyro, Wolverine (like they'd make an X-Men game without Wolverine) and Nightcrawler follow. Magneto, Storm, and Avalanche could be the next three, but the female mutant surrounded by pink sparks after them, as well as the fellow tossing balls of energy has me stumped.

Do you recognize everyone in the new "X-Men: Destiny" teaser? Who do you want to play as in the game when it arrives? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.