'Mass Effect 2' Dated For PlayStation 3

Mass Effect 2 PlayStation 3

EA has been up front in the past about their intentions to get "Mass Effect 2" onto the PlayStation 3 in January 2011, but until now they'd avoided committing to a specific date. That's no longer an issue today since they've confirmed a January 18 arrival for North America and January 21 for Europe. They're even going to throw in some DLC with a non-traditional substitute for the original "Mass Effect" and its role in defining story elements.

"ME1" will remain exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PC, EA confirmed in an IGN report. Instead of making the first game and all of its plot-oriented decisions available on the PS3, EA and BioWare will be bundling an interactive comic (wait, like these comics?) in with "ME2" and the choices a player makes in the comic will carry over into their in-game quests.

As for the previously released "ME2" DLC, "Lair of the Shadow Broker," "Project Overlord," "Kasumi: Stolen Memory" and the Blood Dragon Armor will all be stuffed onto the PS3 Blu-ray disc, and the game's Zaeed and Firewalker content will be accessible through the Cerberus Network.

That's not a bad solution as far as alternatives to actually releasing "ME1" on the PS3 go. Yes, a series of dialog trees is not the same thing as a video game, but they should make for a better option than jumping into the series' trilogy blind a third of the way in.

Do you think you'll pick up "ME2" for the PS3? What do you make of EA's decision to use a comic in lieu of an "ME1" port? Share your reactions with us in the comment section below.