RadioShack Selling $75 DS Lites

DS Lite RadioShack

Walmart's $89 Black Friday sale on DS Lites doesn't look nearly as impressive today, now that RadioShack has decided to stick $74.97 price tags on its handheld Nintendo systems both online and in-store. That means that for less than a lot of single collector's edition console games, you can now buy a fully-functional DS and presumably help the Shack make some room on its shelves for some 3DS boxes in 2011.

The new permadeals (via on Metallic Silver, Metallic Rose, Crimson/Black and Cobalt Blue/Black Lites can be found over on, though it looks like latecomers at this point will have to plug in their zip codes and find a traditional store in their neighborhood. I'm seeing available units in the Chicago area, though, so depending on where you're at you may be able to nab one.

This also means that if you're still using your archaic silver and black-buttoned behemoth DS of old and have been refusing to buy in to the generations of progressive upgrades Nintendo has put out over the last few years, now is your chance to rail against the system, refuse to use cameras, larger screens or 3-D displays with your DS games and get a trimmer DS for a steal of a price.

Alternatively, if you have a young niece or nephew in need of a present for the holidays and your wallet's pinched right now, this deal could make you look very cool in their eyes.

Are you still in the market for DS Lite? Is RadioShack's deal good enough to sell you? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.