'Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift' Coming Free To The App Store

Cut the Rope

If you haven't heard of "Cut the Rope," you probably haven't browsed Apple's App Store recently. Nipping at the heels of the "Angry Birds" juggernaut is another physics-based puzzler wherein you try to feed candy to a greedy (yet adorable) monster by, wait for it, cutting the rope. Like "Angry Birds," it's another example of a really well-made game that is way under-priced, thus keeping it at the top of the charts. Since its release, "Cut the Rope" has seen several free updates, which have added new levels, Retina Display graphics and Game Center achievements.

Now "Cut the Rope" is taking a cue from "Angry Birds Seasons" with the forthcoming release of "Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift." Themed with the sights and sounds of the season, "Holiday Gift" adds 25 new levels, as well as new game mechanics.

Portal-esque Christmas stockings make their first appearance, teleporting pieces of candy from one stocking to the next, instantly. As in "Portal," the candy will maintain its momentum as it enters and leaves the stocking, so you really have to plan each jump well ahead of time. You can see some gameplay footage of the new elements right here.

"Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift" is different from "Angry Birds Seasons" in one major way. It's actually free. That may mean that the game will be ad-supported, or maybe it's just a way to encourage more people to get hooked on "Cut the Rope," forcing them to toss down a dollar for the original. Either way, it's hard to complain about more free content at a time when most of our cash is tied up in gifts. Look for "Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift" to hit the App Store sometime before Chistmas.