'World Of Goo' iPad Coming On December 16

World of Goo

Few titles manage to exemplify the delight of independent games better than "World of Goo." Originally released in 2008, the game blended physics-based puzzles with charming, hand-drawn 2D graphics and a twisted sense of humor. It's hard to understand the magic of "World of Goo" until you've played it for yourself, and come December 16, that potential audience is going to get a bit bigger, as that's when the game will launch on iPad.

The iPad version of "World of Goo" will be similar to the original PC/Mac/WiiWare release, but with the key difference of multi-touch controls, allowing you to manipulate those adorable little goo balls with your fingers, as nature intended.

You can actually see the game running on the iPad in this clip from "Indie Game: The Movie."

It's interesting that, since the launch of the iPad, there haven't been too many iPad-exclusive releases. Seems that, as the iPhone and iPhone Touch come closer to bridging the gap, technologically, it makes more sense for developers to release a Universal app, so as not to limit their audience. At present there's now word whether "World of Goo" will be coming to Apple's handhelds, as well. I could see it being a challenge to manipulate the goo balls on a much smaller screen, but hey, I guess if "Osmos" worked out well, there's no reason why 2D Boy couldn't pull it off.

Whatever platforms it comes to, "World of Goo" is easily one of the best indie games ever made and should be a hit with iPad owners. Even though I already went and bought the game for my MacBook, I'm likely going to be plunking down another $9.99 for the privledge of playing the game on the go. What can I say? I'm an addict.