Steam Treasure Hunt Rewarding Achievements With Prizes

Steam Treasure Hunt

It might as well have been the holiday season throughout most of of 2010 at Steam. From their "Left 4 Dead" discounts to that crazy QuakeCon Pack, they've made some offers that were hard to refuse. This week, they've sweetened the pot even further, however, as not only are they discounting games like "R.U.S.E.," "Poker Night at the Inventory" and "Chime" by as much as 75-percent; they're also holding contests for free games based on what you do in certain titles and how many qualifying "objectives" you complete as a Steam user.

The objectives, which are outlined on, involve simple tasks like creating an avatar, as well as more time-intensive feats like scoring 1,124,400 points in "Chime" while playing on easy mode.

Up for grabs are "Team Fortress 2" hats, 20 five-game giveways every two days and finally a 100-game grand prize, which you'll be entered to win if you complete 10 objectives by December 20. Come away with that haul and you'll definitely owe Santa (and Gabe) a thank you note.

New objectives are only being posted every two days, so you'll have to check back day by day to find out what you need to do. As far as the elementary profile tweaks and in-game objects for releases that are now priced as low as $1.25, though, they aren't asking you for much. Heck, if CVS held promotions like this one, I might completely rethink my shampoo and soap habits. Here's hoping Valve's concept catches on.

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