'Star Wars: Imperial Academy' Comes To iPhones

Star Wars Imperial Academy iPhone

"Rolando" and "Topple" established ngmoco as a name in Apple's App Store, but they branched out into the FPS space with their "Eliminate" releases, and they're sticking around with a new Star Wars title thanks to their partners at THQ Wireless. "Star Wars Imperial Academy" joins "The Battle for Hoth" on iPhones and iPod touches in nodding to the 30th anniversary of "The Empire Strikes Back" as an iDevice exclusive, and ngmoco wants everyone to know that they made the game as fans.

"As huge fans of the Star Wars universe, ngmoco is excited to work on such a storied franchise for our first ever property-based game," ngmoco CEO and founder Neil Young said in a press release. "Star Wars: Imperial Academy brings together our passion for first-person shooters and Star Wars in an amazingly fun and high quality experience."

The "Eliminate" engine runs the new game, which lets you participate in 4-way deathmatches as a Stormtrooper-in-training. So if you liked what you saw in ngmoco's first FPS outing, expect to see some similar action here.

"We've been inspired by the Star Wars films to raise the quality bar to a new high for Imperial Academy, which we've developed as a totally unique experience, combining a first-person shooter with the excitement of Star Wars for amazing mobile game play," THQ Wireless VP Adam Comiskey said in a statement.

The screenshots in the App Store show off levels on what appear to be Tattooine and an Imperial ship floating somewhere near the Death Star. The description says you'll become an elite Stormtrooper if you win. I don't know what the Empire does with your body if you lose.

Have you tried "Imperial Academy" out yet? What do you think of the "Eliminate" engine? Share your impressions with us in the comment section below.