iPad 2 Production Rumors Start To Swirl

iPad 2

Apple's iPad got an iOS 4.2 update just in time to let the devices perform a few new tricks for the holidays this year, but exactly what the company's next generation of tablet hardware will be capable of is still largely a mystery. If the iPad follows suit with Apple's other iProducts, it should be due for a refresh in 2011, and a new report claims that the iPad 2 will be in production no later than February.

The rollout will come in anticipation of an April product launch, sources told DigiTimes (via Ars Technica). Mass production was reportedly supposed to begin in January, but firmware testing caused those plans to slip back a month.

Apple's go-to manufacturer Foxconn, hasn't confirmed or denied the speculation, but Taiwan-based component makers are apparently not so shy. Features such as FaceTime cameras, extra ports and sizes didn't show up in the leaked info, but the iPad did appear in consumers' hands for the first time last April, so the one-year gap between generations sounds reasonable.

Retina display sits at the top of my own want-list for the iPad 2. The 2011 tablet market looks to be a lot more crowded than the one Apple first jumped into in 2010. Their early entry paid off bigtime, but given that screen resolution is one of the biggest draws to their youngest generation of mobile devices, you'd think it would have to be a priority for the iPod touch's big brother.

What bells and whistles do you want to see on the iPad 2? Do you think it will be as successful as the first-gen iPad? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.