'The Agency' Still Alive, Aiming For 2011 Launch

The Agency

It's been quite some time since Sony Online Entertainment began showing off its MMO "The Agency," and though "The Agency: Covert Ops" made its way out for Facebook, we have yet to see the final product for PC and the PlayStation 3 that's advertised on TheAgency.Station.Sony.com (so many dots!). By this time next year, we may have a better idea of what the spy/shooter MMO is all about, however, as SOE reportedly wants it out in 2011.

"The Agency" is scheduled to come out in the second half of next year, Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley told Kotaku. He discussed the title in the context of some broader philosophizing about the future of PC gaming and said that it needed a great deal of work but cited "DC Universe Online" as an example of how an MMO can benefit from long delays.

"There was a moment in time in our company where we looked at our own stuff with a clear eye and saw we have to do better," Smedley said. "DC Universe was held for a year-and-a-half from when we wanted to launch it and now I'm very happy with it."

"DCU Online" isn't out yet either, but if the expanded development windows pay off, we'll all know about it in the next 12 months — assuming of course that more delays don't become necessary.

What are your early impressions of "The Agency" like right now? Do you think SOE will benefit from the delays that it and "DCU Online" have experienced? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.