New James Bond Game Rumored To Be Back On At Raven

New Bond game

Activision's recent "GoldenEye 007" launch produced much better results than the game's IP cousin "Blood Stone" this year. A third title was supposedly in the works behind the scenes, only to be put on ice, but an MGM-related rumor and some reel footage may be key indicators that Raven Software has been tasked with pushing forward on the project.

After a six-month hiatus for the title at Activision, court approval of an MGM bankruptcy plan has reportedly kickstarted production for the new game under a team at Raven, according to a report on the Bond fan site MI6. That rumor was stoked by some reel footage from animator Hanjin Song that someone on NeoGAF (via Eurogamer) discovered, which shows off some very "Splinter Cell: Conviction"-esque gameplay sequences and a main character sporting Daniel Craig's face.

Activision, meanwhile, hasn't commented publicly about the rumors, and Song's Vimeo video containing the clips has since been locked. His LinkedIn profile currently lists his occupation as an animator at EA Chicago, however.

The reel raises all sorts of questions about Song's involvement, how old the footage is, and whether or not it's even related to what may or may not be in active development at Raven. And while this whole development could be nothing more than one big confluence of rumor and speculation, there is a chance that this stealth game could represent Activision's next stab at proving EA wrong about licensed properties.

Do you think a stealth game would be the right direction for Raven to head in for a new Bond game? Do you want to see the project completed? Share your impressions with us in the comment section below.