Oddworld Oddboxx For Steam Arriving Before The End Of 2010

Oddboxx PC

Oddworld Inhabitants hasn't let everything slip about their newly repackaged batch of Steam games, but they have decided on a release window that spans between now and December 31.

Some "new additions and enhancements" will also be included when "Abe's Oddysee," "Abe's Exoddus," "Munch's Oddysee" and "Stranger's Wrath" come to the PC via Steam in time for the holiday season, according to a press release. Details about those features and a more specific launch date are being withheld for now, but they can't be more than few weeks away at the most.

"Munch's Oddysee" and "Stranger's Wrath" will be appearing on PC for the first time when the Oddboxx hits, and ahead of the latter's release for the PlayStation 3 next year the move should put the series in front of some new eyes for those who've never owned Xboxes.

The price point will be a big question for everyone keeping a lookout. Steam tends to run pretty phenomenal deals on batches of multiple games, but depending on how and if these get released it's tough to guess where the dollar amounts are going to end up. For buyers who are only interested in the two most recent releases, it would be nice to see Steam cut them loose at at under $10 a piece — and maybe all together for less than $20?

How much would you pay for the Oddbox? Are you interested in picking all of these games up together, or would you rather only buy a couple of them? Share your reactions with us in the comment section below.