'Batman' Remake Looks Like 'Lego Batman' Meets 'Super Mario RPG'


While Batman pushes ahead with his "Arkham Asylum" sequel "Batman: Arkham City" on its way and whatever presence Sony Online Entertainment chooses for him in "DC Universe Online," some loyal enthusiasts have just wrapped up a 14-year stint remaking the Caped Crusader's 24-year-old "Batman" game for the ZX Spectrum.

The isometric 3-D title from Ocean Software was extremely trippy, and you can still check it out on the remake project's page at Retrospec.sgn.net (via Destructoid). The unauthorized, yet more colorful version names its creators as Tomaz Kac, David Vassart, Infamous and Cheveron, though in 1986 is was first created by Bernie Drummond and Jon Ritman.

The short, stocky Batman walking around in the game looks a lot more like the hero of "Brave and the Bold" than he does like the one from "Arkham Asylum," but the Batcave you have to explore as you search for parts of your hovercraft to save Robin is entirely its own thing.

Apparently the game was quite the critical success in its own day, though I have absolutely no memory of it myself. Assuming no one at DC takes any action to get it taken down, you should be able to download and play it for yourself from Retrospec. It's a cute and cuddly gaming alternative with no Mark Hamill voicing The Joker, but it is a piece of history.

Did you ever play "Batman" on the ZX Spectrum? What other old Bat-games would you like to have access to again? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.