Your First Glimpse At The New Lara Croft

Lara Croft

Lara Croft made a surprising comeback this year with one of her best installments ever. The surprising bit? It was in a downloadable title. "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light" was excellent and it showed that Crystal Dynamics still has the chops to make creative and fun games starring the busty adventurer. The question, however, is still up in the air as to whether they can make an excellent retail release, or whether the limited scope of the downloadable "Lara Croft" helped focus their development talents into a popcorn-popping laser beam of awesome.

Looks like we'll be getting our answer. We've been hearing about a new "Tomb Raider' game for a while now, but it looks like the first place to see it will be in the pages of Game Informer. You can see a shot of the cover up top, featuring the brand new Lara. She's dirtier (literally) and her hair is way more feathered, but what does that mean for the game?

The premise of the reboot, titled simply "Tomb Raider," is that a young Lara is stranded on an island after her ship runs aground. It's here she discovers her unique tomb raiding abilities and realizes that all those valuable artifacts really do belong in a museum.

As it happens, the "young Lara Croft" concept has actually been done before. We saw glimpses of her as a young girl in "Tomb Raider Legend," and "Tomb Raider Chronicles." This new Lara, though, looks very different. Darker. More realistic.

The challenge facing the team at Crystal Dynamics is that "Uncharted" has managed to out-Tomb Raider "Tomb Raider," and for this reboot to really stand on its own, it'll have to, at the very least, match Naught Dog's effort. That's no small task, given the insane standards set by "Uncharted 2."

The January issue of Game Informer should be on store shelves this month, and it'll hopefully give us a better indication of what to expect from the gameplay and graphics. At present, it's anyone's guess.