Assassin's Creed Survey Raises A Few Questions About The Series' Future

Assassin's Creed survey

Ubisoft has gone on the record to say that they're currently contemplating the next ten years of the Assassin's Creed franchise and have a new sequel in the works for 2011 from their Montreal studio. A new survey that's emerged shows above all else that they're asking big questions behind the scenes, but it may also reveal a few potential changes we could see down the line, including a new main character, new historical time periods and new bomb types.

The survey from Global Market Insite requires that you meet some unspecified criteria before accessing the meaty questions (and even if you state that you live in the U.S., it still seems to want to know which region of the U.K. you reside in). Nevertheless, new AC features on the menu for participants include weapon upgrades, further exploration of Ezio's story and new gameplay modes.

Online and offline cooperative multiplayer modes, post-release availability of new multiplayer maps and expanded team play features are all listed as topics that Ubisoft wants feedback on, according a Eurogamer report. Squads with unique team objectives and new tools for clan management, as well as bomb-making, logo and avatar customizations are among the options that could be either more or less numerous.

The questions with the ability to impact the game most, however, concern whether or not players want to see Ezio's tale continue outside of Italy and whether or not they'd like to pick up someone new, perhaps at another point in history.

I'm a little disappointed that the list doesn't include Viking assassination missions anywhere. That might not fit in with Ubisoft's plans, but if it does and anyone trying to take the survey manages to get in there and find an open write-in field, I'd really appreciate it if you'd put that in there for me. Thanks!

What kinds of answers would you give on the AC survey? Would you like to see Ubisoft keep Ezio around? Share your responses with us in the comment section below.